Leyla Bate, Australia

“I began my meditation group last week and I am now sitting here this evening and am so emotionally overwhelmed at how well it went. Everyone who came last week returned, plus another newbie. All paid 5 weeks upfront. It's not about the money but the positive feedback, group energy, accomplishment, and how grateful I am. I cannot thank you enough. I had so much fear and battled massively about not being good enough. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for your amazing teachings. Very grateful."

Do You Want To Bring The Gift Of Meditation To Others?

You're in the right place!

Our club is actually more like a thriving community of hundreds of passionate meditators from all around the world, who we’ve helped launch and grow a successful meditation business.    

Some of these people were complete beginners when they joined, and utterly clueless about starting their own business.   

Nevertheless, with our guidance, they’ve built a successful meditation business which generates a monthly income and improves the lives of people in their local community.   

As a Skillful Mind club member, you’ll connect with them and have their experience help you out on your journey to become a successful meditation business owner too.    

To launch a profitable meditation business as easily and quickly as possible, you get access to our Leaders Program.    

The Leaders Program will show you how to quickly start your own meditation classes, retreats, and workshops in schools, hospitals, and workplaces.    

Plus, you’ll get a proven plan to start generating an income from your new business within as little as 4 weeks.    

Just imagine. . . making an additional income from teaching meditation only 4 weeks from now!

Sally Liz, UK

I run Still Mind, a Mindfulness and wellbeing practice in the UK. It's a real sense of a wider family and togetherness, and a sense of being with people of a similar mindset and being able to introduce people to meditation who might not have done it otherwise. And feedback has been really positive! I’ve had messages from peoples parents saying their children loved them and could they be a bit longer. I‘ve had messages from others saying they’ve been able to sleep better, they’re feeling more relaxed and less anxious. It's a bringing together of like-minded people - it's made me reach out and introduce meditation to a much wider group of people than I ever could have imagined.

Here’s a shortlist of what you’ll learn in this exclusive program:

Meditation Business KickStart

  • Gain the confidence you need to instruct your class         

Learn to address your students’ questions with constructive answers and examples, regardless of your current meditation knowledge level.

  • What to include in a typical 1-hour meditation class

After going through this module, you’ll know exactly how to create a successful meditation class plan.

  • How to find your first customers, get them interested and motivated to keep coming back
  • What to look for in a venue when planning a meditation class.
    (How to pick the best venues for your classes)
  • How to quickly and easily deal with any business-related issue:

How to get insurance for using public venues for your classes

  • What to charge for your classes and how to set up quick and easy payments

What should be included in a proposal for meditation class venues, including a complete proposal template

  • All you need to know about your new business taxation
  • How to teach your students:

Five new meditation techniques to overcome obstacles and turn meditation into a habit

  • How to use meditation to calm a wandering mind. . . alleviate stress. . . improve health. . . relax. . . increase positive emotions. . . find inner peace. . . and even lose weight!
  • Meditation for children
  • How to market your meditation business: 
  • Done-for-you promotional materials to spread the word of your classes

How to use Facebook for marketing and promotion (paid or free)

  • Done-for-you graphic design templates and images for your
  • How to run your own meditation retreats and workshops.

You’ll get everything we use ourselves: Teaching material, Marketing material, mentoring, and of course – our support

  • How to earn additional passive income from your students’ retreats
  • A detailed “Cash-flow Positive in 4 Weeks” Business plan

And, most importantly. . .As a member, you’ll get direct access to Peter, Skillful Mind’s founder, who’s been running a meditation business for 20 years. 

See What Our Present Leaders Are Saying About The Program

I have recently signed up to the Skillful Mind program and thoroughly enjoying all the material provided in the form of videos, worksheets, audio and more. It has everything I need and more and is definitely invaluable to anyone thinking about running a meditation group."
Deborah Layland
I’d just like to say that I found the course really useful and inspiring. The techniques and meditation practices have really helped me to take my meditation to a higher level, particularly the parts of the great exercise, I found this so useful! thank you. I also really enjoyed learning about the different levels of meditation, and found the Buddhist diagram really helpful and interesting. Thanks for putting this great course together! I have attended lots of courses over the years but none have gone into such depth about all of the different elements of meditation and historical factors which I found really interesting, so thanks again.
Rowena Clifford
I am so excited about starting this journey! I've been interested in meditation for a long time, so I was very happy to hear about Skillful Mind! Not only was this program a way for me to increase my ability, but also an amazing platform to share with others! As a registered social worker, I have been looking for new ways to reach people in a way that conventional therapies can't and am so thrilled to be able to start offering classes in my community to increase people's mental health and social connections! I firmly believe in the power of the mind and love the way meditation can help us to overcome areas of ourselves that no longer serve us!
Natalie Way

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