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There are many causes for mental health spikes in the workplace, and there is a constant battle for more effective methods to be implemented within corporations and businesses. The World Health Organisation is continually putting out statistics on the work-place stresses that need to be managed, and sharing how serious the corporate mental health crisis really is.

Mental Health in the Workplace Globally

264 million people

The World Health Organisation's estimate of people suffering from depression globally

Mental Health Budget

More than 33% of countries allocate less than 1% of their total health budgets to mental health

US$ 1 trillion annually

The global cost of depression and anxiety disorders in lost productivity.

15.3 weeks

Time off work due to stress related claims, compared to 5.5 weeks for all other claims in Australia.

The whole world has taken note of how important incorporating meditation and mindfulness into the workplace has become.  While once it was seen as a trend, now it is an essential part of business.  From employees needs, to the benefits of the organisations, mental health support is what keeps companies running smoothly.  


It is becoming ever-more apparent with the likes of Google, Apple, Nike and Goldman Sachs incorporating mindfulness and meditation training as a vital part of their employee development.  According to these companies, an extremely stressed employee can cost a company up to $2000 extra per year in healthcare. On the other side, employees who have undergone these trainings, gain roughly $3000 in productivity.

Mindful employees are healthier, happier and more focused on their work. Mindful organisations thrive.




Skillful MIND Corporate Mindfulness Workshops with Peter Radcliffe

Peter Radcliffe has organised countless meditation workshops through his 20 year meditation career and is a highly sought after corporate mindfulness workshop leader.  Most recently, he has taught companies on behalf of the University of Adelaide, including the RAA, Electoral office, Professional and Continuing Education and many more. 


The most popular corporate workshops are half-day sessions, and are the most efficient way for Peter to transfer his knowledge over to companies who are looking for the most beneficial ways to support their employees through mindfulness and meditation.


These half-day workshops can be run in the morning or in the afternoon, for a total duration of 4 hours.  Included in the workshop is a take home manual and access to online learning platform so that attendees can continue their learning even after the workshop.

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