Our Vision is a Meditation Class in Every Town and Suburb Around the World.
That’s Why We’re Committed To Helping YOU SUCCEED


Skillful MIND Meditation Leaders' Program

Together Both Packages Will Take Care of ALL Your Meditation Business Needs


Community Package

Start your own meditation classes From $24 per week

Learning & Certification

Module 1 – Beginner How to meditate

Module 2 – Proper Technique in meditation

Module 3 – Wisdom Techniques

Module 4 – How to Run Your Meditation Class

Module 5 – In Depth Meditation Theory



Over 100 Guided Meditations to Use!


Learning Support from Peter and with Other World Wide Leaders!


Internationally Recognised Accreditation by the Complimentary Medical Association!


  1. Lesson Plans for every week of the year
  2. Different Guided Meditations themes for every week.
  3. Children’s meditation
  4. Admin Support (insurance, class logistics etc)
  5. 7 Day Customer Kickstart Package
  6. Posters, Memes and other Advertising Materials Done For You
  7. Graphic design for your advertising
  8. Access to Leaders Facebook Group Community
  9. Run Your Own SkillfulMIND Workshops with Done For You Workshops 

Entrepreneur Package

Start your own meditation classes From $24 per week

Growth Opportunities

Run your own meditation retreats

  • 3 day retreat plan
  • Adapt to your own style
  • Mentoring and advice
  • Advertising by SkillfulMIND
  • Videos of how it is done

Work with Schools

  • Professional Proposals
  • Class Plans
  • Childrens Meditations
  • Videos of live classes
  • Mentoring

Work with Corporates

  • Professional Proposals
  • Corporate workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Testimonials

Work with Hospitals

  • Professional Proposals
  • Healing Meditations
  • Mentoring

Work with Govt.

  • Professional Proposals
  • Workshop presentations
  • Testimonials
  • Mentoring

Mastermind Module

  1. Access to Private Members Facebook Group
  2. Mentor Support From Peter
  3. Monthly Telephone Hookups with World Wide Leaders
  4. Global Support from other Meditation Leaders
  5. Personal Web Page Advertising Your Class
  6. Free promotion via SkillfulMIND Ad Campaigns
  7. Referrals from SkillfulMIND Retreat
  8. Affiliate Bonus Commissions
  9. 20% off SkillfulMIND Retreat Experiences
  10. 20% commission on SkillfulMIND Retreat Referrals

Our LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP Means You Get ADDITIONAL Teaching Resources FOR YOU To Continue To Expand Your Practice As We Expand Ours of OVER 20 YEARS!

Want to Know More About How We Can Help?   


Your certification comes with an international accreditation from the Complimentary Medical Association. This adds a level of confidence to your students and helps you access slightly cheaper insurance if you need it to hire venues etc. 


And yes – you are totally covered if you change your mind.

With the SkillfulMIND 30 day guarantee, we take away all risk for you. If you try out the course and feel it is not for you within 30 days we will be sad and disappointed to see you go, but we guarantee to refund everything you have paid so you can start today! 


See what our present leaders are saying about the program.


Matthew Wojciechowski
Georgia, USA

“The Skillful MIND leader program has allowed me to start a hospital funded meditation group for patients in one of our major hospitals here in Savannah, Georgia.. I know in my heart is it contributing to the healing of the people."

Leyla Bate
Adelaide, Australia

“I began my meditation group last week and I am now sitting here this evening and am so emotionally overwhelmed at how well it went. Everyone who came last week returned and plus another newbie. All paid 5 weeks upfront. It's not about the money but the positive feedback, group energy, accomplishment, and how grateful I am. I cannot thank you enough. I had so much fear and battled massively about not being good enough. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for your amazing teachings. Very grateful."

Bettina Gould
Perth, Australia

“As a yoga teacher in Perth, I thought that a meditation group class would be a perfect way for my yoga students to learn and practice some different meditation techniques. And Peters video course offers so much information, tools and support that it is making this initiative so easy that I wish I had done it years ago. Thanks, Peter and I definitely recommend it to any other yoga teachers out there.”

Frequently asked questions

Can I see a teaching from Peter?

What experience do I need?

Can I Hear a Meditation from Peter?

How is the Class Delivered?

Do You Have Payment Plans?

Payment can be made as a once off up front payment or the 52 week plan. We also provide payment plans via Paypal. Please speak to us if you would like us to set up a plan for you.

How Long Will It Take Me?

There are 5 modules in the course each with about 13 lessons which run for just 10 minutes or so each. Go at your own pace to work your way through the course at your own speed. The total video time is about 12 hours and most people take about 2-3 weeks to work their way through the content. There are also lots of resources like guided meditations that are added to this. Do it over a weekend, take a few weeks - It's really up to you! And that is just the learning and certification part. After that we have a lifetime of material and learning opportunities.

What Other Support Is There?

We have a growing meditation community that stays in touch through Facebook and Email. We also have friendly staff on hand to help if you are having trouble, and in addition to that, we have regular catch ups and you will get special invitations to our webinars and best of all, live retreats.

Is The Course Accredited?

Yes, we are fully accredited by the Complementary Medical Association so you can rest assured that this course is of the highest standard. Peter is also himself a world renowned teacher accredited by Meditation Australia where he is from.

How Quickly Can I Start?

You will be given full access as soon as you sign up. So you can get going right away

What If I Want To Pause?

We know that sometimes life does not go as expected and things get delayed. If you start the course and need to pause your payment plan, we have a pause option for $9 per month (up to 6 months) which will maintain limited access to the learning modules to support you and keep you moving forward. And then when you are ready to continue, you can pick up the 15 month payment plan again from where you left off.

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