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SkillfulMIND is excited to work with schools around the world to ensure that they have manageable and effective mindfulness programs in place for their students.  The program can be rolled out in a single classroom or across the whole school.

Research shows that mindfulness is a skill that can build the foundations for optimal student concentration and attention. 

Good mental health in childhood sets young people up for the future and their career. 

Internationally recognised, with a local presence, SkillfulMIND offers an on-line resource for teachers combined with on the ground support from a local meditation teacher.

Did you know

Just 10 minutes per day has been shown to have a significant positive impact on the well being of students, however the roll out of the mindfulness program is completely up to the school.

What we provide

With the SkillfulMIND Team you get:

Leader Training

We train your staff to be come meditation leaders with comprehensive support including:

Staff Support

The online Skillful MIND portal for staff includes:

Local On The Ground Support

With locally based meditation leaders - you will have in person support including:

Mindfulness Proposal

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Self awareness, emotional management attention & concentration, relationship skills and decision making


Less stress, better sleep, more workplace satisfaction, more effective in the classroom and improved student relationships


Better teacher engagement with parents, improved staff workplace satisfaction and more efficient staff


From schools and teachers

"Peter’s proposal supports this necessary life skill by ensuring the practices we use daily in the zone are offered in our classrooms. Furthermore although the Zone encompasses mindfulness as a self regulation tool we have to continue to explore best approaches and different resources in teaching mindfulness. We are hoping that having Peter support in the Zone will support this need. The research already shared with staff through the Benefits of Mindfulness in the Classroom research paper (Smiling Mind) highlights many of the evidence based facts Peter refers to in this proposal. Although we might assume that some teachers incorporate mindfulness into their day it would be best practice to ensure the hands on teaching is provided. Lastly, our staff (including SSOs) strive for excellence at PEPS and ensuring they are supported to use mindfulness in their day is another wellbeing tool not to be overlooked. Thank you for considering this proposal.”
Kelly Care
Intervention and Support Teacher
“I have seen a difference in the children in my classes and for those that have difficulties into throwing themselves into challenges and tasks, those with Anxiety and those have tempers., and I even use them with my child. The kids received all the meditations really well and they really enjoyed the mindful eating and the mindful walking, and talked alot about it. The simple visual meditations were great because they were visual and tactile - so the kids had something to do with their hands. The length and time of the morning classes were great as the kids minds were fresher and more receptive, and it was a time of the day when everyone was together. As the weeks have gone by I can see the class is calmer and more focused, and It has helped me at the school and in my own home life – I have used the techniques which have helped me to work thru times of frustration and I have been able to take a step back and am more mindful about the state of mind that I am in.
Sarah Slee
Year 2 Primary Teacher at Port Elliot Primary School
"Peter and I have discussed over many months the importance of mindfulness and its application in the classroom. The importance of wellbeing, the ability of self-regulation and research clarifies how beneficial and supportive the introduction of mindfulness would be in classrooms and the greater PEPS community. Many of us use mindfulness activities and apps to help regulate and enhance our wellbeing. This proposal would be another tool in developing a culture of support and positivity in our everyday life."
Karen Robinson
Student Wellbeing Leader

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