How To Meditate - Lesson 4: Preparing the Place

Welcome to Day 4

Set the time and the place to meditate


Lets make your meditation space as conducive as possible shall we? A place that is so attractive it will lure you back each day to spend time there and create the habit of meditation through enjoyment. Also the timing of your meditation is important so lets listen to what is recommended. 


Lesson 4: Preparing the Place



This might be a stretch for you in you are just a beginner – but I want you to know what is available. For people passionate about meditation – Or even for people sick of constant stress in their life we have a more comprehensive program in which we aim to awaken your mind within 2 years. You will be guided day by day through a deepening meditation practice and coached on any obstacles that might lie on your path. 

If this appeals to you then contact me to discuss further. 


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