How To Meditate - Lesson 3: Exploring the Basics

Welcome to Day 3

Here we explore the four foundations of mindfulness


The four foundations of mindfulness date all the way back to the Buddha himself and come from the Anapananasati sutta. They have been used to teach meditation and enlightenment for 2500 years so something must be correct. They are:

  • Mindfulness of body
  • Mindfulness of feelings
  • Mindfulness of thought
  • Mindfulness of phenomena. 

So to learn more lets dive in.


Lesson 3: Exploring the Basics

Meditation Mentoring with Peter Radcliffe

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Peter’s free meditation mentoring  group runs every Sunday morning and is the perfect place for you to join in and ask questions about this course and your own practice. We are a like-minded group of meditators so you will feel right at home. Join us to get personal guidance on your meditation practice. 


9:00 am Adelaide time
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Each Sunday, we will have a robust discussion on everything you want to ask about meditation, plus a new guided meditation each week.


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