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Skillful Mind Mentoring Program
Mentoring is for people that want success in their business as well as life. And want to speak to someone who travelled that road. 

I have built a successful meditation retreat business and coaching practice - and however you choose to help people, I can help guide you to success. 

You might not like this simple truth, but the biggest obstacle you face to success in life (business or personal) is almost certainly your own mind.
When we don’t get the success's we want in life there are endless reasons “out there” that we can blame. But in most cases the truth lies with our own minds inability to foresee problems, our inflexibility to cope with change or our lack of skills in communicating with the people we need to influence. 
Working with the Skillful Mind coach is your solution.​

Imagine being mentored by one of the leading mind performance coaches in Australia, dedicated to helping you stay at peak mental performance in your career and personal life.

​Someone who has worked at the highest levels of the corporate world and also discovered the secrets of mind though long meditation retreats and the latest psychology in mental development.

Someone who will challenge you to raise your performance and achieve your special dream.
.... Or is Life Coaching better for you?

If you are not running a businness but looking for NLP coaching to help in your personal life, then perhaps Life coaching is more your thing. And if so you are going to want to find out about or very special Life Coaching package.
So What Results Can I Expect?
*More energy
      *More creativity 
           *Better communication skills
                  *Better team leadership
                                          *Mental alignment
                                                  *Success in business
                                                         *Laser Focus
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Step 1:  Identify The Area Of Life You Would Like To Work In.

It is often more constructive to choose one area of life to work in at a time. That doesn't mean that changes you make in one area won't affect everything else in your life - but it does help us work with more manageable chunks.

And a good rule of thumb is to pick the area of life where the most difficulties and challenges lie. 

To help you do this - Rank each area of life out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being everything is perfect). Then select the area of life with the lowest score.

Of course, you are free to pick any area of life to work in. 

Significant Other
Fun & Recreation
Personal Growth
Family & Friends
Physical Environment
Choose Your Area To Work In.

Step 2:  What Are Your Goals In This Area?

Now that you have determined where you what to change - What does a positive outcome look like for you in this area?

What goals would you like to achieve?

Create a picture of how you would like this are of life to be working for you.

Step 4:  What Is Stopping You?

The last step in this process is to know what is stopping you. Write down what you believe is stopping you from getting what you want and what you value in the above steps.

What Does the Mentoring Journey Look Like?

The Skillful Mind Program

Working with you over a 6 or 12 month period we catch up twice per month (with a break at Christmas) and work towards the goals that we agree on (overcoming any hurdles along the way).

In addition to the one on one mentoring, you will get full access to resources such as hypnotic inductions, meditations, profiling instruments and NLP techniques to use whenever you wish. And finally, you will have access to your mentor Peter between sessions, should you have something urgent come up.

We start the program by profiling your key strengths and weaknesses and set clear accountable goals in each area of life you wish to work on. From there we work on releasing everything that holds you back turing what were hurdles into empowering decisions and skills to achieve the results you deserve. 
On the business side, we look at practical steps to expanding your reach through partnerships with either Skillful Mind or other strategic partners that we identify.

The program includes:
- Fortnightly scheduled appointments (22 throughout the year)
- VIP access to your mentor anytime throughout the program for extra advice & support.
- Personal Worksheets, Audios, Videos and NLP techniques tailored to you.
- Online Resources
The Skillful Mind Mentor Program is a 1:1 program, with a limit of 8 people on the program at any one time. If you are serious about taking your personal growth and LIFE to the next level then this program is for YOU.

What else does this program get me?

By investing in the Skillful Mind Mentoring program you will: 

  • Learn from someone who has fully integrated business, personal development and lifestyle
  • Stay on top of negative emotions that might hold you back
  • Get laser focused on a vision that makes you jump out of bed with enthusiasm
  • Gather a team of like minded people who share your passion so you don't have to "boss" them
  • Use Peter as a sounding board for your ideas about what will work and what won't
  • Create total alignment in your head, heart and gut so you always act with congruence
  • Have Peter guide you through the most powerful mind set techniques available today 
  • Access a wealth of knowledge, tools & techniques in a program tailored specifically for you
  • Use the Skillful Mind business networks to expand your own reach for your products & services
  • Define both your personal and professional goals so they are crystal clear and empowering
  • Build mental strength and clarity through the practice of mindfulness
  • Grow in confidence and self esteemIncrease your energy levels and wellness
  • Get real with your priorities in life and also live beyond what you think is possible
  • Be challenged to remain accountable to the goals we set
Peak Mind
A mind that has all the resources it needs and is in flow with whatever you are doing in the present moment.
A world where people and resources manifest when you need them and problems are welcomed as the next step.
Alignment of the body, mind and soul so that every day is one of joyful productivity.

Satisfaction Guarantee

​If at anytime you feel you are not achieving great results and the program is not for you, you can terminate your mentoring with us and we will refund the remainder of the program to you.
I've been helping people in business and life for over 20 years and I look forward to sharing your journey with you. 

Peter Radcliffe