Candice Jules

Meditation Leader

Candice Jules

I invite you to join me, Candice, to discover meditation.  Beginners are welcome – even if you have never meditated before feel free to come along.​

Hi, my name is Candice Jules and I am a lover of life and all things beautiful, harmonious, joyful and abundant – like you!

I have spent the last 15 years or so studying every possible way to invite more health, calm and joy into my life and those around me, so that we can all live a life we deserve, in optimum health and abundance. 

Meditation is key to all techniques, because it promotes the natural healing mechanisms of the body by switching off our fight or flight response to daily stresses and illness and builds our inner resistance. Having a solid foundation in meditation allows for further development in all other techniques, as you are already more present and aware of yourself, your mind, your potential and your environment.

Allow me to share my experience with you and guide you on a journey you to a soft space full of potential and joy, even whilst the world is in turmoil and confusion.



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