Meditation Leader

Louisa Tanner

You are invited to join Louisa.  Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

Louisa is a Kinesiologist, nutritionist, meditation teacher and EFT practitioner. 

“I am a truly blessed person to be able to do and teach what I love.
Helping others to learn a different path to deal with daily struggles and treating them to help bring balance to their own lives is what drives me”

 Louisa Tanner is an experienced Kinesiologist and Meditation instructor. She works with all ages, with of people on the spectrum and not. Having children and herself being on the spectrum, Louisa knows the true value of using meditation to help ease the mind.

I would like to hold classes for autistic adults and children alike, possibly even go so far as to bring it into the SEN schools in the local area. I’ve already been in contact with a few gyms and venues to join and hold classes there. I would love to eventually be able to open a meditation centre in my town to facilitate classes and reach as many people as possible. Now more than ever learning this is needed in our society. More and more people reach for negative substances and it has a massive impact on their live and those around them.


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