Tarnya Cooper

Meditation Leader

Tarnya Cooper​

You are invited to join Tarnya.  Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

Hey there and welcome. You are always welcome here, no matter if you have never meditated before or if you are a master, you haven’t found me by chance.

Who am I, the list is long but a few of the high points – I am a wife and mother, meditation leader, reiki practitioner, budding yoga teacher, farm co-owner with my hubby, spiritually connected and university educated.  

Why meditation?  I’m here to learn as much in this lifetime as I can and after years of meditating for my own sanity and growth, I wanted to be able to offer meditation to our rural towns in and around the Stroud and Gloucester areas.  Life is getting busier and for many of us it’s hard to adapt and keep ourselves in check….enter meditation!  

I won’t accept anything less than inclusiveness to create a space for everyone, totally inclusive of all beliefs, truths, ways of thinking and of living life.  There are no barriers to meditation…..come and join me. 

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