Alexandra Hill

Meditation Leader

Alexandra Hill

You are invited to join Alexandra.  Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

My name is Alexandra Jay Hill- I first came across meditation in a natural healing book when I was a teenager and have had meditation on my to-do lists forever. It is only when I actually did it, that my life completely changed for the better. I am a mum to two young children and a dog and I have a busy schedule but meditation helps the days flow, whenever I feel harried or stressed I know that I can connect to my breathing and change the direction of my life. 

I have found balance, inner peace and equanimity through meditation and the teachings and if I can do it- anyone can. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar and have had my fair share of ups and downs- life will continue to change and challenge us so the only thing we can do is learn to sail our ship and know that we have the tools and choices to handle any storm coming our way. Conquering the mind is liberating and life-changing- I highly recommend the investment.

My training will help me to help expectant and new mums to meditate. I had 2 children very close together and I had a very stressful few years which led me to seek meditation. I would love to give this wisdom to expectant and new mums so they can connect to the moment and develop appreciation for body and mind, develop calmer mindsets and reduce stress and anxiety (balancing hormones) which will help them to be more mindful therefore parent more mindfully, and connecting them to their ‘new’ self and accepting the transition in becoming a parent. 

I will also have classes open to all, as I want to help as many people as possible via classes, workshops, retreats and events. My focus is on parents and children, especially mums as we have a very important role in raising the future and the more conscious we are, the better the outcome for generations to come as we lead by example. Inner peace is the only way to truly create peace on earth.

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