Sarah Watts

Meditation Leader

Sarah Watts

You are invited to join Sarah.  Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine

I am a mum of two boys, early teens, living in rural north west Victoria. I was originally from Dunedin, New Zealand but moved to Australia in my early 20’s. Since then I have engaged in a variety of work from casual through to highly stressful professional, owning my own cultural heritage company. It was during these later years dealing with the high stress I decided my health was more important than the job and decided to retrain as a nutritionist and help others reach their health goals. 

I have had a personal interest in meditation for many years and understand the benefits gained from a calm and focused mind. I grew my own personal technique through retreats, courses and classes. 

In my nutritional clinic I see a lot of health issues, where the primary driver is stress and anxiety and although there are many diet changes that can help with these issues, meditation has been proven to be highly effective and suitable for all. 

My goal is to help people reach their best person health and to do that I believe meditation is one of the keys, so to enhance what I can offer my clients and the public I embraced the journey of becoming a meditation leader. 


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