Meditation Leader


You are invited to join Amanda . Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

I have been working as a massage therapist for over 20 years. I have qualified in many different specialist areas of massage.   I am also an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and I have a practice in Harrogate, North Yorkshire at Joy Therapy Centre.  Joy Therapy Centre is a centre of excellence for therapies, training, meditation and yoga.

Over the past few years personal development has been an important part of my life and finding Skillful MIND training and teaching has been a big part of my personal development over the past year.

As a therapist, I empower my clients to move forward in their lives and meditation is an amazing tool for this.

My background is in nursing and rehabilitation, I worked within the NHS for several years. I cared for patients who were quadriplegic, ventilated and with neurological pain. 

This led me to have an interest in pain management and to help people to reduce pain of all types. 

My area of speciality is in working to reduce pain, physically and emotionally. I use a combination of clinical hypnotherapy massage, modern psychology and meditation. 

The answers to all our problems are truly within us.

Amanda Joy Change your mind heal your body.

Classes run Wednesdays during term time, after Yoga, from 7.45pm and every Sunday from 7 pm at Joy Therapy Centre in Harrogate North Yorkshire. There are also many workshops, courses, classes and groups running from Joy Therapy centre.  You can find out about these at

@skillfulmind  |  1-300-55-66-71