Rebecca Eddison

Meditation Leader

Rebecca Eddison

You are invited to join Rebecca.  Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

I am a passionate life coach and meditation teacher with over 17 years’ experience within the health and wellness industry.  I commenced my career in nursing, specialising in emergency, aged care, and disability services. I have also worked within the corporate environment for over 10 years in business development, continuous improvement and clinical advisory roles, always focusing on improving the lives of others.  Even as a small child I have wanted to make the world a “better place” and would hold deep concern for the welfare of others.  This quickly made it essential I learn to understand how to protect my own sense of knowing and security, which I will be the first to admit is a continuous learning process.

I believe that the ability to truthfully sit with one’s self and be able to watch your mind with compassion and love is something we all can achieve.  I have a passion for enriching others life’s through their learning of self-empowerment, enabling them to find the best versions of themselves at that point in their lives.  I believe being at peace with your own development also enhances your relationship with others.

I have witnessed trauma, conscious and unconscious living, death and different levels of inner turmoil which is evident in every one of us in some form or another.  The ripple effect of many of these events have the potential to change a person’s emotional and physical vulnerabilities, so I believe finding mindfulness and meditation is such a rich gift and one I delight in sharing within my community. 

I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and skills with you, and even if one person a day benefits through one of my classes or through my coaching service, then the world has become closer to being seen for its true purpose and my childhood vision of making this world a better place is making me smile inside.


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