Meditation Leader


You are invited to join Danielle, even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along.

My name is Danielle.  I am a wife and mother of two very active young children. I am also an elementary school teacher. Teaching has always been my passion. I knew in my heart from a very young age that teaching was my path. I’ve taught elementary school for over ten years and I enjoy each and every day! 

My top priority is to deliver the finest education that I can to my students. For me that means that I must constantly learn and grow. Over the past decade I have become more and more interested in growth mindset. That path catapulted me into the direction of mindfulness meditation. I slowly started incorporating it into my own home. I quickly realized that I was living life one reaction to the next. Mindfulness meditation has brought about a beautiful change in myself and my family. So much so that I decided to teach mindfulness meditation classes to children in my community.

Being able to reach into my community and work with children has been such an overwhelmingly amazing experience. We meet once a week and we practice strategies on how to be mindful. It’s a true blessing to be able to work with children in my community! I am truly blessed. 

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