Simple Meditation
Your Portal To A Calm And Skillful MIND
Benefits of Meditation
Feel More At Ease
Reduces Stress, Anxiety and depression.
Improved Brain Function
Improve Focus, Concentration & Creativity
Sleep Better
Feel Less Tired and Accomplish More
Better Health
Increased Metabolism and Improved Heart Function
What is Inside?
Module 1 - Beginners

  All you need to start your practice

  • 16 lessons on how to meditate
  • Guided meditations to start you off
  • Covers all the basics that you need to start meditating
Module 2 - Technique

  Refine your technique

  • 13 lessons on how meditation works and how to improve technique
  • Guided meditations taking you into more depth
Module 3 - Wisdom

  Go deeper

  • 20 lessons on taking meditation to the deepest level.
  • Exploring the ultimate state of mind and how to achieve this.
Additional Material

  Tools for a Skillful Mind

  • Hypnosis, Metaphors, Techniques and tactics to improve meditation.
  • Techniques exclusive to members area.
Find Out More
Experience The Unique Blend of 25 Years of Meditation Practice with An Analytical, Scientific Backed Focus
Join this course for "How to" explanations  in simple easy to understand language, combined with more detailed explanations of the science going on behind meditation. 

Guided by Peter Radcliffe with 25 years of experience and practice.

PLUS: Join as a member and get the following bonuses:
 * Hypnosis audios to help meditations
 * Alignment process to feel and be in total alignment
 * Access to a Facebook support group
 * Access to Peter for any questions you have

 * How to keep motivated in your practice
 * Dealing with difficult people course
 * Create and set goals effectively
 * Continuous additions as we add more techniques
Why Simple Meditation?
Convenient Downloads
Step By Step Instructions
Group Support
Guided Meditations
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These resources are an amazing and comprehensive guide to all aspects of meditation. They provide meditations on a range of themes and life areas. These resources are easy to understand but also provide a broad depth of knowledge. These resources provide information about the wide range of benefits that meditation can bring. I recommend trying these teachings so that you can benefit from the large amount of knowledge they contain and also so that you can really get the most out of your meditation practice

                                                                                                                                                               Emma Gillett

Meditation has always been a high priority in my life and Peters teachings have helped me manifest a fantastic life for both myself and my daughter in so may ways. Thanks Skillful Mind and I recommend to anyone to check out what Peter has to offer. 

                                                                                                                                                                              Nellie Barrnet

I attended Peters learn to meditate weekend and was found that Peter is an excellent teacher and I think everyone got something significant from the teachings. I'd highly recommend to anyone who is looking to find a better way through this crazy life. In fact I'd highly recommend to anyone!

                                                                                                                                                               Wayne Shore
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