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Sleep better
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Accomplish More

Better health
Aids Healing, Reduces Stress and Anxiety

About Peter Radcliffe
Meditation Expert!

"I am one of the lucky few who has found their passion in life. For me, teaching (and learning from) people who want to find out how to best utilise the mind is what life is all about. And I get to do that every day and meet amazing people along the way."

"Making The BEST Possible Start Will Ensure That You Get The Most From Your Meditation Practice"
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Congratulations on deciding to take up the challenge of reducing the amount of stress and worry in your life. You are doing your body, mind and your spirit a favour by learning this ancient practice that has helped millions of people over many thousands of years.

Your free gifts are already yours and waiting for you in our members area and we would like to encourage you to take the next step of doing our online meditation training. 

Our beginners module will give you everything you need to know to start your own practice from learning how to set up a meditation place, to sitting and concentrating on your meditation object. We also give you 12 bonus guided meditations that you can start using straight away.

You will be amazed at how the benefits of a more peaceful mind will start impacting your life straight away and so to encourage you to take this leap we are also have a promotion to get module 2 and 3 for 50% off saving you $197. Just follow the prompts during check out.

The second and third modules are for those people who want to take their meditation to a deeper level and we jump into the science behind meditation and give you techniques that we know work - because they have been used for thousands of years. 

I look forward to working with you.

To your success

Peter Radcliffe

What You Get

Learn from the best

Peter has been studying, practicing and teaching meditation for over 25 years. His knowledge has accumulated from meditation masters all over the world. 

Step by step instructions

Each module is laid out in an intuitive and easy to understand manner to help you learn quickly and go back to refresh easily if you want to.

Study in the comfort of home

Study this course in your own home, at your own pace and in your own way. No pressure means you can enjoy your journey all the more. 

Group support online

When you join our members area you not only get access to our teachings, but you become part of a global community of like minded people around the world.
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One time, no set up fee.

  • Module 1 Fully Unlocked (16 Videos)
  • 12 x Bonus Meditations inside
  • Free e-book and mindfulness challenge
  • Instantly Added To Your Members Area
How long is the course?
There are 16 modules in the course which run for about 10 minutes each. There are also a number of guided meditations for you to use in your meditation session.
What other support is there?
We have a growing meditation community that stay in touch through Facebook and Twitter. And our friendly staff are always on hand to help if you are having trouble. 
What happens if I want my money back?
Sure, just let us know and we will refund you!
Can I just take the Free Stuff?
Yes of course, there is no pressure to buy one of the most detailed and professional online meditation courses on the net, you can just come in for free,
then, if you want to add the course at any time you can.
Can I upgrade to include other products?
YES! We are very pleased that you like our content enough to want more, everything you have access to will be instantly visible in the members area, there will also be links to add additional content and resources.
Is there any risk?
No, there is zero risk, this is a genuine offer backed by our experience and money back guarantee.

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