Meditation Leader


You are invited to join Elaine . Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

My name is Elaine Denton, and I am a Yoga Teacher and Fitness Coach in the Midlands, UK. I have my own business called LYF- Life|Yoga|Fitness, where I help people improve their lives through meditation (Life), Yoga and Fitness.

I have been involved in fitness for many years- Personal Training, teaching fitness classes and moved into Senior Fitness Management. The more I moved away from helping people, the more unhappy I became…and this is where my journey into meditation and Yoga began. In 2016 I experienced completed ‘burn out’. I was unhappy in life. I went to a Yoga retreat and found complete joy in being still- for the first time… in what seems like forever! I found a way to help cope with the stress and anxiety of my job, with the busyness and distraction of life.

I qualified as a fitness yoga instructor in 2017, leading to my Yoga Teacher Diploma which I complete in February 2017. The more I have studied and practiced meditation myself and in my yoga classes, I have become devoted to helping others find some ‘headspace’ in the busy world we live in. I start my Meditation Workshops and classes in February 2018- to help people understand the benefits, to make meditation accessible for everyone, and to help them learn how they can practice meditation away for the class and make a habit for life.

For more details please go to my Facebook page- LYF- Life Yoga Fitness


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