Meditation Leader


You are invited to join Kathy on Tuesdays for meditation sessions during SA school terms. Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

My journey began by going along casually to Yoga classes held locally, which I really enjoyed. I have been practicing Yoga ever since for over 15 years. The classes I started with were traditional Yoga, so included asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. The more I attended classes and subsequently worked on my own practice, the better I felt both mentally and physically.

I want other people to be able to experience the benefits of these modalities. I am dedicated to continually learning and developing my own practice and sharing any knowledge gained.

I live on Kangaroo Island and I currently teach Yoga and have a Diploma of Integral Yoga Teaching which I completed in 2009. I am enthusiastic about guiding people in both Yoga and Meditation to help them improve their wellbeing and gain the benefits of these practices.

I believe that by providing guidance in Meditation it will assist in creating a peaceful world and I would particularly like to bring Meditation to children/teenagers/young adults to help them navigate life with all of the distractions, temptations and challenges they seem to be confronted with.

Ultimately I would like to teach Meditation to all school students.

I have participated in many retreats including Yoga, Wellbeing, Personal Growth and Health and each time I come away with some new insight and changes to make for a positive future. The most recent being the Bali retreat which was very powerful and helpful towards my future.


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