Meditation Leader


You are invited to join Karen.  Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

To me, meditation is about the care and keeping of you!!

Finding out about what meditation is and how it can benefit you is something I have wanted to do for myself for quite a while.  On first reading that meditation is an ancient practice of stillness and calm appealed to me immediately.

Physically, mentally and spiritually meditation covers every aspect of our wellness.

I believe I have the knowledge to empower myself and those around me to find meditation a powerful and positive activity practiced daily.  By modelling calm and stillness during my day and achieving a meditative state throughout the day, I acknowledge that this practice has been the best for my mind and body.

Whether it be a breathing practice or walking meditation, the possibilities are endless, inspiring and fulfilling.  Having completed my accreditation as a Meditation Leader, I believe I have the skills to influence those around me.  Having a powerful intention and understanding of meditation benefits, this course has allowed me to feel comfortable to deliver meditation groups with family, friends, schools and colleagues to stop and have a Meditation Moment in their day.

In my meditation classes I will be encouraging open-heartedness, a welcoming atmosphere, a dedicated mat and a positive, inspiring practice that will be maintained throughout our group.  If meditation is practiced daily, our everyday life will be still and so will the rest of our life.

I look forward to leading a Meditation practice that is both enlightening and nurtured in my community.


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