Joanna Andrzejczuk

Meditation Leader

Joanna Andrzejczuk

You are invited to join Joanna.  Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

My name is Joanna Andrzejczuk, and I come from small town in Poland. Presently I am living in Hull, UK, for eight years so far. I am 30 years old, and I have a wonderful, five-year-old daughter, Lukrecja, who is my greatest happiness and motivator.
I have been working as a Reiki therapist for a year, energy that reestablished my sense of life and helped me recover from the depression which had emerged at my 14’s and crawled with me for the next 15 years. Throughout this time, I moved seventeen times, and I changed jobs at least 20 times. Always looking for happiness, but what turned out later, running away from myself. Depression, notwithstanding, despite the devastating effect on my life and health, had positive side effects. After many years seeking for the truth and deeper meaning of life, testing and questioning various beliefs, philosophies, doctrines, I obtained what I was looking for: peace of mind and happiness which now, I aspire to share with the world.
Nevertheless, I did not stop working on my upgrowth, as it is an endless and fascinating process. Since then, I became a vegan, and I have been discovering new flavours and combinations that I would never think about, I am practising yoga and unleashing tenses and blockades out of my body. I meditate every day, and I am amazed at how distracted and easygoing the human mind is. I work with energy, and I am discovering new levels of consciousness and the genuine power of creation.
Now, after many years I crave to take a step forward and share my experience and passions with others.

My first assumption is to work with the Polish community across the UK. Recently, I have noticed an increase in interest in natural therapy, etc.

However, for many of my nationals, the language barrier is still a big obstacle, and participation in meditation classes conducted in a language other than their native can be stressful.

The second assumption is to work with children and teenagers. As I have already mentioned in my biography, at the age of 14, I developed depression, which is an increasingly popular disease in our society. Times later, I perceive that to manage my strains by adding meditation to my daily routine would be more effective than anything else. I also believe that this is the key to a healthier future for our planet and should be taught from an early age. I dream of a world where meditation is something natural like brushing our teeth.

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