Meditation Leader

Louise Barker

You are invited to join Louise.  Beginners welcome – even if you’ve never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

Hello my name is Louise, I have a background in health as a qualified nurse, as a gym instructor and personal trainer. I have always wanted to help/heal those who needed it. My journey of self-growth, practicing mindfulness since 2002/3. In 2017 life changed dramatically and pulled the rug from under me. Turning my attention inwardly was easier than engaging in a world that I engaged with on a level, where, that constant negative voice needed to be silenced, though the thoughts don’t change to start off with, you just learn how to not engage in them from the observer stance.

My own meditations not only saved my life but changed it in, how I perceived life. Which has lead me to become a life coach, a meditation leader and an author. I want to help people achieve the sense of peace that mindful meditation and mindfulness give, when we are able to be present in the moment. Compared with life spent in the stories, our minds believes within itself to be living. I’ve leant that when our thoughts are not engaged with, that ideas are able to have the attention, and through breathing technique I can hold myself in a mindful state allowing the idea to grow. Giving me a peace, regardless to what happens outside of who I am.

I am wanting to follow a couple of routes, living in London where the stress levels can be physically felt. I would like to deliver eight weeks mindful meditations, to corporate organisations where there staff will be able to learn meditation techniques over an eight week beginners level. Aimed at helping them to relax and to focus with clarity. Increasing the staff’s ability to produce good levels of work, increasing the work production. I would also like to have evening meditations focused on healing from the past, building a supportive community. Also using a platform to offer online service to clients who are unable to get to a meditation to join an online community, where the eight week course is available via videos and live chat room for added support.

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