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12 Month Coaching Offer
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Are you being held back by your state of mind?
Are you looking for a Life Coach with proven techniques?
Are you prepared to do what it takes?

This life coaching course is for people have made up their mind to pull themselves out of any rut they are in and live life how they decide it should be!
It contains 12 months of one on one coaching and the complete 10 day audio course on NLP so you can help yourself.

And if you are impressed by your coaching experience (as I know you will be) - you may wish to get your own certification in NLP with us. - If this is the case we will give you back $1000 - which effectively means you get this entire package for better than free (with $10 change!)
Working with a coach is your solution.
Imagine being coached for a whole year by someone dedicated to helping you move through areas of life you feel stuck in and onward to a life of fulfillment.

Someone who has been down a similar path to you but has over come their hurdles and now wants to share their experience with you.

Someone who will challenge you to raise your performance and achieve your special dream.

All our Life Coaches are NLP trained, which means you are getting access to some of the most powerful mind changing techniques on the planet. 

So In Summary What Does This Program Get Me?

By investing in the Skillful Mind Coaching program you will:

  • See a fully qualified NLP life coach.
  • Work through negative emotions that might hold you back
  • Get laser focused on a vision that makes you jump out of bed with enthusiasm
  • Create total alignment in your head, heart and gut so you always act with congruence
  • Access a wealth of knowledge, tools & techniques in a program tailored specifically for you
  • Define both your personal and professional goals so they are crystal clear and empowering
  • Build mental strength and clarity through the practice of mindfulness
  • Grow in confidence and self esteemIncrease your energy levels and wellness
  • Get real with your priorities in life and also live beyond what you think is possible
  • Be challenged to remain accountable to the goals we set
Special Offer
12 Months Coaching
valued at $1500
NLP home study program 
Valued at $895
$1000 cash back voucher 
on any future NLP training. 
Total Value - $3395 - Today just $990*
*(Spaces are limited to 12 per year)
Begin Your Coaching Journey here
(The first steps are free!)

Step 1: Identify The Area Of Life You Would Like To Work In.

It is often more constructive to choose one area of life to work in at a time. That doesn't mean that changes you make in one area won't affect everything else in your life - but it does help us work with more manageable chunks.

And a good rule of thumb is to pick the area of life where the most difficulties and challenges lie. 

To help you do this - Rank each area of life out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being everything is perfect). Then select the area of life with the lowest score.

Of course you are free to pick any area of life to work in. 

Significant Other
Fun & Recreation
Personal Growth
Family & Friends
Physical Environment
Choose Your Area To Work In.
The Skillful Mind Coaching Program
Working with you over a 12 month period you and your coach will catch up once per month and work towards the goals that we agree on (overcoming any hurdles along the way).
In addition to the one on one coaching, you will get full access to resources such as hypnotic inductions, meditations, profiling instruments and NLP techniques to use whenever you wish. 

You coach will also work with you on an action plan of tasks for you to complete to short cut your way to achieving your goals and delete the mental blocks holding you back.

We start the program rolling by profiling your key strengths and weaknesses and set clear accountable goals in each area of life you wish to work on. From there we work on releasing everything that holds you back turing what were hurdles into empowering decisions and skills to achieve the results you deserve. 
On the career side (if this is where you wish to work), we coach you through the process of identifying a vocation that you are really passionate about and can succeed in.
The program includes:
- Identifying your values so you will feel motivated at what you do
- Identifying your strengths that you have to offer others
- Finding a path toward your dream career
- And working on anything that may get in your way to achieving this path

And if your career also happens to be in the Health and Wellness sector - perhaps our specialist mentoring program is more for you. Read on...
Would Mentoring Suit You Better?
Are you already in the Health and Wellness industry?
Do you want success in Business as well as Life?

If so then perhaps Mentoring is a better fit for you

Our Skillful Mind Mentoring program is for people  that want a thriving business as well as a fulfilling life
So What Results Can I Expect?
  • More energy
  • More creativity
  • Better communication skills
  • Better team leadership
  • Mindfulness  
  • Abundance 
  • Mental alignment
  • Success in business
  • Laser Focus
  • Happiness
Peak Mind
A mind that has all the resources it needs and is in flow with whatever you are doing in the present moment.
A world where people and resources manifest when you need them and problems are welcomed as the next step.
Alignment of the body, mind and soul so that every day is one of joyful productivity.
Satisfaction Guarantee
​If at anytime you feel you are not achieving great results and the program is not for you, you can terminate your coaching with us and we will refund the remainder of the program to you.
I've been helping people break though problems in life for over 20 years and I look forward to sharing your journey with you. 

Peter Radcliffe