Clare Gill

Meditation Leader

Clare Gill

I invite you to join me, Clare, to discover meditation.  Beginners are welcome – even if you have never meditated before feel free to come along.​

Hello! My name’s Clare and I live by the beach in Hove, next to Brighton. I’ve studied teaching meditation, and I’m keen to reach people of all ages and genders, especially those who say: “I’m too stressed to meditate!” or “I’m not patient or flexible enough to sit cross-legged!”  I have a passion to share my love of meditation with you.  

So why do I love meditation? Well, it allows us to live in the present and live with gratitude, and to be more accepting of our minds and bodies. It has helped me to accept and cope with the emotional challenges and health issues that I have encountered over the years.  

Meditation allows us to listen to our minds and check-in with what we really need for a happier and calmer life. What qualities do we need to develop? Perhaps you need more self-confidence, patience, compassion or inner strength?  Meditation helps us to work on these. It can also help us to sleep better and ease day-to-day physical stresses and strains.  

As a younger woman I studied Geography, then lived abroad, and I have a career background in Teaching English as Foreign Language. I’ve also studied counselling and was the accommodation & welfare officer within our own family-run school. I believe these caring roles have helped me to be an understanding and empathetic teacher.   

In addition to meditation, I teach yoga online. I am a member of Yoga Alliance and qualified associate of SkilfulMIND group. I draw on my many interests, such as reading, nature and music to make all my classes enjoyable.

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