Ann Gallagher

Meditation Leader


Blind Bight Meditation

My name is Ann Gallagher, I am a qualified  Alternative Therapist, working from my home based business Heron Alternative Therapies, using  the following modalities: Holistic Counselling, Energetic Healing, and Reiki and now meditation. 

I also work with Headspace National as a Family and Friends Reference Group Member.

I am married with two teenage children who are currently battling various forms of mental illness, which lead me to pursue qualifications for alternative therapies in order to better help them. By doing this I found that I was also helping many others who sought me out to enable them to feel better about themselves

I thrive in being able to help guide others in the journey to empower themselves and become who they desire to be.

I have been on a spiritual journey for 20+ years participating in various courses/classes and circles to develop an understanding of harmony and happiness, I love learning from everyone I come in contact with.

I am involved in many community groups as a volunteer and find this helps to keep me grounded with the ability to develop new skills and give back the knowledge I have learned.


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